The Extreme Dago Show is an American crime drama television series created by Ethan Korver Revolving around the fictional character and family of Wisconsin-based Italian-American mobster Alejandro Nino Pacino (Vito Rodera) the show portrays the difficulties he faces as he tries to balance the conflicting requirements of his home life. Pacino leaves Wisconsin to go to Florida to find a better way to change his life and finally help his family have a better life without having problems. On Season 2 Alejandro Nino Pacino (Tony Dalesandro) comes back to Wisconsin has a businessman not a busboy. Vinny Pacino (Kyle Marasciulo) Alejandro's cousin wants to turn against him and make his own mob family and make it better. Joey Scarpa (Tony Skinner) turns to a good friend from high school Joaquin Franco ( Luke Bennett) tries to get in touch and get rid of Vinny Pacino once and for all. Ghacha Shia (Max Walker) and Luke Arias fka Andrew Demara (Francis Radovanovic) go to Alejandro Nino Pacino's house and he's not there they make a call to find out where he is. Season 3 Alejandro Nino Pacino disappears and Ghacha Shia becomes the main character. Ghacha Shia tries to look for Alejandro Nino Pacino. Luke Arias go to Vinny Pacino's car and bust the window out.


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