My Bad Cat (also known as MBC) is a Television series that ran from 2014 and is currently ongoing.

Characters Edit

Buster - voiced by me. Buster is a gray Korat that tries to mess up things with mom. Mom and Buster always are fighting with each other.

Mom - voiced by my sister. Mom is a grumpy person that snorts a lot. She always has her arms on her hips. She wears a pink shirt.

Mike - Mike is Buster's best friend. He has a green shirt.

Josh - Josh is Mike's little brother. He wears a blue shirt. He was noted in the show after the episode, The Great Fall.

Dad - Dad is Mom's husband. He can be a little psycho at times. He usually wears an Orange shirt. He wore a yellow shirt in the episode, Hospitality.

Peach - Peach is a calm, orange Tabby Cat, that likes to eat tuna and beef. Peach was thrown into an underground tunnel by Buster, with other cats that lived with Buster.

Ed - Ed is a rock that simultaneously is psycho when Dad is.

Recurring Characters Edit

The Ball - The Ball is Buster's toy.

Farmer Joe - Farmer Joe is an evil person who tries to destroy the universe.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (2014) Edit

Name Date #
Buster Goes Kaboom! Part I June 26, 2014 1A

Everything was perfect at the house until a meteor crashes and Buster goes missing.

Name Date #
Buster Goes Kaboom! Part II June 26, 2014 1B

Everyone looks for Buster in the cemetery, but Buster is found walking in downtown.

Name Date #
The Great Fall July 3, 2014 2A

Buster haves fun throwing watermelons at mom. While, they aren't looking, Josh jumps off the balcony. Followed by Mike, being hit by a ladder, Dad falling down the stairs, and glass falling on Buster, giving him a body cast.

Name Date #
Cows, Cows Galore July 3, 2014 2B

Buster goes to a farm. Farmer Joe makes a death ray to destroy Buster's home.

Guest Star: My Cousin as Farmer Joe.

Name Date #
Ed, the Psychopath July 10, 2014 3A

Dad turns psycho, but Mike and Buster find someone that is more psycho.

Name Date #
Mom's Monopoly! July 10, 2014 3B

Mom goes crazy over monopoly. She wins every game until she plays with Buster. Mom landed on go to jail, and Buster really sent Mom to jail.

Name Date #
Switcheroo July 17, 2014 4A

Josh gets a switch gun and accidentally switches Mom and Buster. Mike reverses it and gets Mom and Buster back to normal.

Name Date #
Buster and the Wombat July 17, 2014 4B

Buster is attacked by a giant wombat.

Name Date #
Christmas in July July 24, 2014 5

Buster is ran over by Santa's sleigh and is sent there for the rest of his life, until Mike finds him on a GPS.

Name Date #
Snack Attack October 20, 2014 6

Mom is buried under a pile of candy. Meanwhile, Farmer Joe returns and tries to destroy everything in sight.

Season 2 (2015-2016) Edit

Name Date #
The Ball July 23, 2015 7A

Buster plays with his ball, but things get very crazy.

Name Date #
Hospitality July 23, 2015 7B

Go see Hospitality.

Name Date #
Snow, Snow, Snow July 30, 2015 8A
The Car July 30, 2015 8B

Snow, Snow, Snow: Mom is left under a pile of snow.

The Car: Dad gets a new car that tries to run over everyone in town.

Name Date #
The Farmer Came Back August 6, 2015 9A
Pioneers August 6, 2015 9B

The Farmer Came Back: Farmer Joe's nice identical brother is accidentally mistaken as Farmer Joe.

Pioneers: Mom and Dad go back in time and have to work as pioneers.

Name Date #
Bad Behavior August 13, 2015 10A
Joshtown August 13, 2015 10B

Bad Behavior: Buster gets mad at Mom and wacks her with a mallet. Can Dad, Mike, and Peach get back her memory?

Joshtown: Josh builds an amusement park and forces everyone to work at the dangerous place.

Name Date #
Mom Goes Missing (Part I) August 20, 2015 11A
Mom Goes Missing (Part II) August 20, 2015 11B

Mom Goes Missing: When the family travels to New York City, Mom goes into a shopping mall and accidentally walks into a shipping truck.

Name Date #
Happy Thanksgiving! November 25, 2015 12A
Unabridged November 25, 2015 12B

Happy Thanksgiving!: A countdown is set for Thanksgiving, but Farmer Joe eats all of the food. Will they get the food back?

Unabridged: When Dad drives his old car to his mom's house, the bridge collapses on him and he can't get out. Who will get him?

Name Date #
Ho, Ho, Ho! Happy New Year! December 20, 2015 13A
Christmas!?! December 20, 2015 13B

Ho, Ho, Ho! Happy New Year!: Santa Claus crashes into a tree and can't get the presents to anybody.

Christmas!?!: Santa recovers and gets the presents to everyone on New Year's Eve.

Name Date #
Cat CrAzY January 4, 2016 14A
Buster, Buster-Doo! January 4, 2016 14B

Cat CrAzY: Peach turns into a psychopath after eating a sugary candy that is highly dangerous to cats.

Buster, Buster-Doo: Buster and Mike find out there is a ghost in their house and turn into mystery solvers.

Name Date #
Telling Stories January 22, 2016 15A
Backyard Bonanza January 22, 2016 15B

Telling Stories: Mom and Dad tell stories of their childhood.

Backyard Bonanza: The yard turns into a large amusement park again.

Name Date #
UFO (Part I) February 27, 2016 16A
UFO (Part II) February 27, 2016 16B
UFO (Part III) February 27, 2016 16C

UFO: The family is abducted by a UFO. This is the first movie made from My Bad Cat.

Name Date #
Blue the Mouse Comes Home March 5, 2016 17A
Peach Goes Kaboom! March 5, 2016 17B

Blue the Mouse Comes Homes: Blue the mouse is brought back from the landfill.

Peach Goes Kaboom!: Peach ends up in the jail after being accused of battery, when she was the one being battered. The family has to bail her out and send her to the hospital.

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