Bob and Jack or BaJ is an currently airing TV show that just had i`s first episode it airs every Friday. It airs on the Funny Cartoon Network.

Characters Edit

Bob - Voiced by me Bob is the Jack`s best friend

Jack - Mike is Bob`s best friend who was in the HCW Hurricane Combat Wrestling

Aria - Aria is Bob`s Girl Friend who also used to Wrestle in HCW.

Maria - Maria is Jack`s Girl Friend who also used wrestle in HCW and was a 4-time HCW Women`s Champion

Recurring Characters Edit

Quinn - is an Irish Boy who is the weakest kid, (he is not a main characters becuase in a later season he will be added right before for Bob and Mike`s Pug Pixie.)

Episodes Season 1 2015 Edit

Episode Date #
The Awesome Save July 24 2015 1A

Bob and Jack meet but they need a girl friends to be roommates so the talk to Quinn who knows Aria and Maria very well and tells them about Jack and Bob they happidly become Jack and Bob `s Girl Friend.

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